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in the streets of columbia

Here’s another set of pictures from my trip into the past times of analog photography, shot between February 6 and February 13. They’re just random snap shots of things that cought my eye in the streets of Columbia, but it’s all stuff that sort of makes this town what it is – at least for me.

Even though it’s blurry, there is something about this image that I like. It sort of has something mysterious about it, with the clouds, the lights in the windows and the smoke (or vapor) that’s rising up from the Mosque.

Where else than in the window of Arnie Fagan’s “Cool Stuff” on Broadway can you see Moses next to Big Foot and Jesus next to a Smoking Elephant?

I wish the flag in this picture would be somewhat clearer. This is what happens when you got spoiled by the insane ISO speeds of digital photography and then go back to shooting with 400 ISO film…

Snow falls in front on Lakota’s on 9th Street. Moments after I took this picture, the sun came out and shone through the snowflakes and a guy was standing outside in front of the window in the backlight smoking a cigarette. I missed it because I was talking to a friend and when I noticed it it was already too late. By the time I had my camera up, the sun was gone. I still regret missing that picture.

The view from our apartment at night.

April 7, 2010

bharat’s driving lessons

Here are two more pictures from my trip into the past times of analog photography, shot on February 13. Bharat Choudhary, a close friend and colleague of mine, is doing his professional project with families all over the state and even in neighboring states and he will need a car to get around – which means that he’ll have to get a Missouri driver’s license. So he asked me if he could take a few practice hours in my car, and a couple of weeks ago we went out and drove around Columbia and down Highway 63 for a while.

The day after, we both found out how lucky we were to still be alive when the right front wheel suspension of my car broke out of the blue in the parking lot opposite the Reynold’s Journalism Institute. If that had happened at 70 mph on the highway, we would have both been nothing but a bloody stain on the road…

Carefully making his way down Broadway…

The unfamiliar view from the passenger seat of my car.

April 7, 2010

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