Zeitgeist – a society's perception of itself at a certain point in time. It is subject to continuous change and yet it follows ever-recurring patterns. But where does Zeitgeist become visible on the surface? Where does self-perception become self-image? Body-language, posture, facial expression, gesture, hair-style, fashion; these are the means every generation uses to express itself.
The camera IMAGO 1:1 is predestined to capture these sublime worlds of expression and preserve them in their wholeness in timeless photographs – then as now. Zeitgeist juxtaposes IMAGO photographs taken in the 1970s by Munich-based photographer Karin Kraus with images taken by Jakob Berr in 2007.
The models in the 2007 series chose their dresses themselves and were not directed while being photographed. Neither the photographer nor the models had seen the photographs of the Seventies at the time of the shooting.

Photography of center images: © Karin Kraus

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