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pumpkin fest

Tonight, Amanda and August invited Taylor, Eve and me over to carve pumpkins. I had never done it before, so it was kind of exciting. I picked a skull pattern and actually succeeded in carving it out. Hooray! Here are some shots I took over there:

The one with the skulls on the top left is mine…

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professional project: 512 mary street

This afternoon, Valeria took me to the place on 512 Mary St. where Deandra Buchanan shot and killed her daughter Angela almost to the day ten years ago. She had a little bouquet of flowers with her that she laid down on the sidewalk where Angela was found. The house where the shooting took place still stands, but has now a wooden exterior rather than a brick one. It doesn’t look like someone’s living there now, and trees and bushes grow all around it. It looks kind of creepy, and I’m wondering if I should go back when it’s dark to work out that aspect. I’m kind of torn apart about it, though, because I’m not sure if it might come across as sensationalistic or editorializing. I’d be glad to hear some other thoughts on this.

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urban magic hour

Some street shots taken during magic hour…

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a day out at the cabin

David Rees invited Calin and me to spend Friday afternoon with him and his family at their cabin in northern Boone County. Calin and I had helped him redo the roof last year and David wanted us to get some time out there without a hammer in our hands. It was a gorgeous, warm fall day and we had an amazing time just hanging out under the oak trees and by the lake fishing. I lost five lures on underwater logs, but I also caught two beautiful bass. Together with the one Calin caught, this should be enough for a nice fish fry sometime soon.

David had prepared some lunch – sandwiches and an amazing soup that he had cooked for 36 hours…

Calin is getting ready to fish…

…but then decides to take a nap instead.

Trying to pick up service at the cabin…

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