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Originally, I was planning to shoot a small documentary on this year’s Missouri Photo Workshop in Festus and Crystal City, Mo., but that turned out to be a very ambitious goal. As the webmaster of the MPW website, I spent most of my time at MPW behind my computer in an air-conditioned conference room of the Holiday Inn Express, sustaining myself with soda, M&Ms and Swedish Fish (thanks, Carol Fisher!), preparing dozens of html-templates for the launch of the website after the end of the workshop. However, I did manage to get a few shots at the beginning of the workshop.

Driving past the workshop photographers’ hotel. According to the barber in Festus (or, for that matter, one of the barbers’ in Festus – namely the one who made me look like Mr. Spock), obviously the scene of a grisly mass murder some years ago. Well, at least this year, we did not hear of any irregularities there.

Calin, together with Michelle Peltier this year’s Master of the Universe (a.k.a. Student Workshop Coordinator), pretends to be working on his laptop after setting up the workshop venue Saturday night.

When I got closer, he quickly switched to another application so that I would not notice that he was actually playing some funny browser game.

Believe it or not, but even a David Kennedy has physical limits…

David Rees, center right, discusses his upcoming yodel performance with the multimedia team.

In a detailed presentation of what to expect, the workshop participants are being prepared for the upcoming week.

Faculty presentations…

Kim Komenich, a veteran of countless MPWs (faculty as well as shooter) listens to the faculty presentations.

The almighty workshop masters at their control center.

Tweeting, blogging, taking notes for the Rangefinder, classwork. Pick any of the above and you probably know what Erin Schwartz is doing here.

Calin on the edge…

David Kennedy (a.k.a. DK) left the printers alone for a while to listen in on the faculty presentations.

Jessie King, one of last year’s student workshop coordinators, probably thinking about how happy she is that she actually gets to sleep during this year’s workshop.

Larry Dailey gave a terrific presentation about compassion fatigue, play and innovation.

Liz Lance, left, during her research on healthy food at MPW…

Finally, after a long day, the hungry pack stormed a nearby Mexican restaurant to kill their entire beer and food supplies.

Calin was particularly happy when he found out that he could smoke inside the restaurant rather than having to stand outside.

And then Seth Putnam lit up his classy pipe…

October 5, 2009

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